A Healthier Dessert Recipe

For most of us, sugar is a delicious treat. We love it, but it doesn’t always love us back. Some of us have even experienced adverse side effects from it. But why deprive yourself from enjoying something you love? I’ll let you in on a little secret-you can have your cake and eat it too! There are ways to trick your taste buds into thinking that you are indulging, while in fact you are fueling your body with the important nutrients it needs. I am a sugar lover, but my body just won’t allow me to indulge the way I’d like to, which is why I developed this recipe. It will leave you feeling satisfied without all of the unwanted side effects of a sugar splurge. Here’s to our good health. Enjoy!

Strawberry Bliss

            Fresh, organic, ripe strawberries*

            1/2 cup Greek yogurt (I like FAGE and the Greek Gods brands)

            1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

            Stevia powder to taste

Mix yogurt, vanilla and stevia. Dip the strawberries into your delicious concoction and enjoy this decadent yet very healthy dessert. Note: for a cool treat on a hot day, try freezing the yogurt concoction for 20 min before serving, or cut the strawberries into pieces and mix in before freezing for an ice-cream-like dish.


*How do you know when strawberries are ripe? Look for berries that are deep red in color. Avoid any that have white tips or caps. Your nose is your best companion when picking out fresh fruit. Does the aroma entice and excite your taste buds? Do you get a deep, rich strawberry scent? Keep smelling until you find some that are very fragrant with a deep red color. Don’t forget to turn the package over. Often, the berries at the bottom rot. Look for a package without mold.